India: Enigmatic and with Opportunities for wine

Oct 13, 2018

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With a population of more than one billion, India offers wine to more than 50% of inhabitants with interest to learn and legal age to enjoy it. Also, their time is this, when they are also open to international tourism and New Technologies offer - especially to young people - the opportunity to know everything that the Communication Age offers them from the West. For Diario del Vino India is an important challenge, given that the flow of new friends from our portal, weekly accounts are distinguished that accompany us interested in our work. A study of them, they tell us about the importance of the Internet. There are few pages that exceed the hundreds of thousands of adherents. Also the quality of the message has the charm of images of freshness and attractive invoice. This one that opens this page of comment, is a demonstration (Gentleness Absolut Tourism). For its part, the material that we edit - that was sent to us by Wine Intelligence - highlights the expectation with which we must consider this country, so interesting in its history and its millenary culture.

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India is an enigmatic and rapidly changing nation. On the one hand, it is a land of opportunities, a country of more than a billion people, almost five hundred million above the legal drinking age, with a young demographic group open to experiment.

On the other order, the Indian Alcohol industry is chained by crippling taxes and a dense regulatory system of outdated laws. In this paradox there is an important future opportunity for the wine industry. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a GDP expected to grow by more than 7% in 2018, India with its thriving middle class population, the current figures for wine consumption in the country serve to illustrate it. The wine market is still in its infancy, a fact demonstrated by the lack of knowledge about the varietals, the wine regions between national and imported wine drinkers.

Key results:

1) The Indian wine market experienced a steady growth in volume, but the volume has decreased recently, while the value has increased, due to a shift towards imported and higher quality domestic wines.
2) The wine produced in the country has a greater reach in the market, while the imports are considered of higher quality. Although, this perception is being reduced.
3) Indian wine consumers are mainly buyers focused on the brand, due to lack of experience in the category.
4) Channels of internal and external trade that are developed through the opening of retailers, bars and restaurants more specialized and focused on wine.
DdelV.Note: "Millenial wine consumer in India embrace wine and show their willingness to experiment with new and different styles".
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